Use ACR, DxO, and
Nikon Capture to process RAW images from your Aperture library

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Catapult is $29 CAD.

Catapult Lite is $9 CAD.

Catapult requires Aperture 3 and Mac OS X 10.6.

Bridge the gap between Aperture and external RAW converters!


Catapult is an Aperture plug-in that allows you to use other RAW conversion software with your Aperture library. Catapult will stack the converted images with your RAW masters in Aperture, and archive the settings used to produce the converted image for later use.

Documentation is included for working with DxO Optics Pro, Nikon Capture, Canon Digital Photo Professional, and Adobe Camera Raw. You can try using it with other RAW convertors too!

Nikon RAW shooters can use camera features that are only available through Nikon Capture while still maintaining your library with Aperture, including Active D-Lighting, automatic lens distortion correction, auto lateral colour aberration correction, and image dust-off.

How It Works

Use the Catapult edit plugin to export your RAW files to a “drop” folder. Convert the RAW file to a JPEG or TIFF and save it to the “pickup” folder.

To support non-destructive editing, Catapult can archive sidecar files produced by Adobe Camera Raw and DxO Optics Pro, or a settings file exported from Nikon Capture or Canon DPP. When you want to make changes to your JPEG/TIFF image later, just edit that image using Catapult — it will export the original RAW file used to create the image as well as the associated sidecar/settings file, allowing you can continue where you left off.


Catapult lets you send the RAW file of a RAW+JPEG pair to other RAW convertors, even if Aperture does not support reading the RAW file.

Batch Workflows Not available in Catapult Lite

Batch Catapult’s batch mode lets you export several RAW images at once. Catapult will watch the pickup folder for new files and automatically associate them with the exported RAW images by matching file names (it will also automatically find matching sidecar files). You can then import the whole set of processed files at once, and Catapult will stack each converted file against the corresponding RAW files.

Batch Auto-Assignment

Free Trial!

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